N1.4 Billion Has Been Approved By FEC For Supply Of Electricity Equipment.

The National Executive Council has authorized the release of approximately N1.4 billion to procure equipment for the Nigerian light distribution business to improve energy in various parts of this country.

Abubakar Aliyu, Minister of Power and Engineering, revealed this to the presidential press following the cabinet meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari. Total damage appears to be ongoing these days, and it appears to be the work of unscrupulous terrorists working against Nigeria’s development. According to the minister, citizens have even been routinely attacked outside of work, which has caused activities to be delayed. The attacks on electrical installations, he said, have led to blackouts in parts of the country.

He said, “You’re all aware this country is facing a lot of challenges. It’s not only in the power sector alone, you have just heard about the insecurity. The railway and the communities are being attacked. They’re all similar things, including the power sector.

“You can call it sabotage because, how can somebody go and pull down a 330MW tower to cause this havoc to the whole country. What do you call that?

“Not quite long, on January 4, the project that we had announced that we’re going to commission, the Zungeru, 700MW hydro, which is at present over 92 per cent completion, we’re just doing little touches to commission the project.

“There was an attack on January 4 this year and they abducted the Chinese workers and up till now, they’re still in their captivity. The Chinese cannot return to work until they get their brothers out.”

He ended by urging Nigerians nationwide to work with the government to prevent future crimes.

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