Two Ingredients People Often Add to Their Food that Could Lead to Liver Damage

Cooking food is one of the most important exercise in your health. A wrong food can change a lot of things even more than habit. Habits are things that can be changed when you notice that you have been doing all wrong things.

But the foods you eat keeps damaging organs in your body until it surfaces, you would not know that you have been making mistakes.

Well ingredients which we use in cooking our meals are one of the major contributors to either good or bad health. So in this article, I am going to be talking about 2 ingredients most people often add to their food that could lead to liver damage.

1. Alum

Alum is no doubt one of the commonly used things most people add to their beans and meat in order to make it boil faster. Although it helps in softening these foods, it disadvantages to the body are numerous.

According to research by PuBMed and Amazon, adding Alum to your food could lead to damage to the liver of animals especially humans. It could lead to lung damage which could lead to difficulty breathing.

Other research also suggest that it could lead to irritation on the skin. It can also make you sick because of it’s high level of salt.

For people with High Blood Pressure, they are advised to avoid adding this to their food.

2. Potash

Potash is another commonly used Ingredients most Nigerians add to their diet. It has a lot of disadvantages to the body.

It is high in sodium which has a negative effect on the body. People with conditions like High blood pressure are advised to avoid it.

Although it affects the liver in many ways, its effect on the body are more visible on the kidney as many studies have proven that it could lead to severe kidney condition.

Source: PuBMed,

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