Three Things You Weren’t Aware Your Smartphone Could Do

The globe has evolved into a technological world. There are some things that smartphones can perform on their own now that technology has practically taken over everything.

There are millions of apps in the Google Play Store and App Store that can help someone do anything. Here are several apps that can make your phone do unexpected things.

Metal Detector

Your phone can search for metals with the help of a metal detector app. This app uses your phone’s built-in magnetometer to detect the X, Y, and Z axes, which is useful for things like the compass. After you’ve downloaded the app, put it to work by pointing your phone’s camera at the metal objects and turning up the intensity dial. The stuff it picks up will astound you.

Take measurements of height and distance.

Your phone can perform a measurement with the help of the Easy Measure App. You can measure the distance or height of an object using your phone’s camera and the app’s clever calculations. To use the app, get up and hold your phone at eye level, then aim the small arrow towards the bottom of the thing you wish to measure. The app estimates the object’s distance based on the camera’s angle and your position.

You can operate your vehicle from anywhere.

The Viper Smart Start App allows you to remotely control your vehicle. You can start your car, unlock your doors, open your trunk, locate where you’re parked, and even turn on your security system using the whole system. This App looks like a car remote on your phone.

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