‘Corruption Under You Worse Than When I Was In Power’, IBB Bombs Buhari

Former Military President Ibrahim Babaginda says he fought corruption better than President Muhammadu Buhari.

The former president said this in an interview granted to ARISE TV on Friday.

He said people who worked under him are saints compared to those currently in power.

The military leader said while he moved against a former military governor who embezzled N313,000, those who stole billions are currently walking freely.

“With the current cases of corruption going on across the country, the military leaders are saints when compared to the democratic leaders.”

“You cannot compare what we did with what is on the ground now in terms of corruption. Corruption is more now. We are saints when compared to what is happening in the democratic era.

“When I was in leadership, I sacked a governor for misappropriating less than N313,000 but today, billions are being stolen and misappropriated, a lot of them are in court but still parade themselves in the streets. So tell me, who else is better at fighting corruption?”

IBB also said he has a very good relationship with Buhari, blaming the seeming rift between them on the media.

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