American Singer Beyonce’s New Orleans Mansion Goes up In Flames, No casualty recorded

American musician Beyonce and hubby Jay Z are counting losses after their Orleans mansion went up in flames.

According to Mirror UK, about 22 firefighters responded to the incident which is now reportedly being investigated as a possible arson attack. The fire that engulfed the mansion, located in the Garden District area took the crew from the fire department about two hours to be put off.

The inferno was so intense but no one was injured following the horrific scenes. reported that the New Orleans Fire Department confirmed it learned of the fire after one of the smoke alarms in the mansion was activated at around 6:20 pm.

The aforementioned site also disclosed that police officers reacted on time after receiving a report of a suspicious person nearby Beyonce’s mansion.

Suspected arson attack Cops looked into the matter and determined that indeed the suspicious person call was connected to the fire.

A statement from the Police Department’s public information office indicated that the city emergency officials classified this as arson. It is not yet officially clear what the origin of the fire was but sources privy to the whole incident told media that it seems like the inferno started in the kitchen where firefighters found books inside an oven as well as a petrol can which was found in the house.

According to fire experts, the house would have suffered more damage if the crew from Fire Department did not arrive on time. “If they didn’t get there when they did, it could have been much worse.

It’s a historic home.” a spokesperson for the fire department told the New York Post.

Multi-million mansion The full extent of the damage to the mansion is not yet clear.

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