Rivers, Zamfara, Bayelsa, Imo Fail FG’s Transparency Test

Rivers, Zamfara, Bayelsa and Imo states did not get a kobo from the N123.348 billion grant the federal government shared to states because they failed a transparency test, which seeks to encourage those in positions of authority to be accountable.

Sokoto got the highest grant of N6.6 billion because it led others in meeting the criteria for the grant while Kano got the least among the winners with a grant of N1.7 billion.

The remaining 30 states shared N115.2 billion based on their performance. It means each of them got more than N1.7bn.

“Bayelsa, Imo, Rivers and Zamfara states got zero allocation due to their inability to meet the 2019 eligibility criteria, which required states to publish online approved annual budgets and audited financial statements within a specific timeframe,” a statement from the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning said.

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